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Training and Development

The company recognizes the need to continually improve the skills and competency levels of all employees which will lead to the growth of individual employees within the company and also the quality and growth of the organization overall. The Training and Development activities within the company consist of the following:

Determining competence

Competence Matrix is maintained which outlines the competence requirements for each and every job role in the Company.

  • In the Selection Procedure, it shall be ensured that only those employees who meet competence requirements are selected.
  • A Career Graph record shall be maintained for every Employee when they join the Company. This record shall contain all details about the employee (qualification, training, work experience, skills) and shall be updated as and when the employee undergoes any training program.

Identifying training needs

As part of the Performance Appraisal exercise, Competence levels are further assessed based on their performance. This process should lead to the identification of gaps. Training shall be imparted to help bridge the gaps.

Training objectives

  • Training is provided to ensure the following:
  • The employee meets competence requirements and has the necessary skills to perform the job
  • To promote work involvement and ensure job satisfaction
  • To help the employees acquire new skills and move up in the organizational hierarchy.

Training program

Training programs may include in house training as well as training from external agencies.

Training may be conducted through:

  • Formal training through lecture sessions.
  • One-to-one learning.
  • Online training
  • On-the job learning

Apart from the need-based training, all employees shall mandatorily undergo the following training:

Induction training; and
Training on the quality management system and quality policy of the Company.

Training effectiveness

The effectiveness of every training program conducted is evaluated. This evaluation shall be done through:

  • Results of tests conducted during training programs
  • Feedback by the training faculty
  • Post training Performance evaluation of the employee to determine whether skills learnt have been implemented on their work. The evaluation is done by the Reporting Officer and the details are updated in the Career Graph.

Based on the result of evaluation, further training requirements are determined. If it is felt that previous training conducted has not been effective, then the need for further training or any other action shall be determined and the same reflected in further Training Plans.