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Quality and Principles

As a business establishment, Cellcomm ensures that the requirements and needs of its customers are met in the best possible manner which in turn shall contribute to its own profitability and growth. In this pursuit, it shall endeavour to maintain the highest possible standards in terms Quality, Business Principles and values.

Quality Policy

Cellcomm stands for Quality. It believes that ‘delivering quality products and services’ is the key to customer satisfaction.

The quality policy of Cellcomm reads as follows:

“Customer Satisfaction is our priority. We shall strive to continually improve the quality of our products and services to ensure that the needs and requirements of our customers are fulfilled.”

Quality objectives are set in all functional areas. Continuous monitoring, periodic audits and corrective actions ensure achievement of the set objectives.

Business Principles

Following Business Principles are strictly observed at Cellcomm:

Protection of Human Rights

Cellcomm shall respect the personal rights, privacy and dignity of each individual it deals with including its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers or members of the general public. It shall avoid indulging in and discourage as far as possible any kind of human rights abuse or violations.

Compliance with National and Local Laws

Cellcomm shall respect and comply with all applicable national and local laws. It shall ensure that the principles followed in the conduct of its business are consistent with the applicable laws. In the event of any inconsistencies due to any change of laws or other reasons, it will follow the highest standards consistent with the local laws.

Anti-corruption Policy

Cellcomm shall not offer any kind of favour, undue advantage or incentive to any public official or third party. It shall comply with all regulations concerning fraud and corruption.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Cellcomm shall not allow any kind of money laundering. It shall also take all possible steps to prevent its financial transactions from being used by others for money laundering purposes.

Illegal Co-operation

Cellcomm shall not indulge in any kind of illegal co-operation on pricing, illegal market sharing or any other behaviour in breach of any relevant laws.

Business Courtesy Policy

Cellcomm shall ensure that any complimentary gifts it offers to its customers, employees or others are of modest value. Costs of any entertainments and social events are also kept within reasonable limits.

Employment Standards

In its pursuit to establish internationally accepted best practices in employing and managing its Human Resources, Cellcomm is committed to maintain the following employment standards:

Forced Employment

Cellcomm shall ensure that the relationship between the company and its employees is free from any kind of force or threat. Written employment contracts are provided to all employees .Employment contracts are signed at the free consent of employees. Employees can leave the company subject to the terms of the contract and the agreed notice period.


Cellcomm will promote fairness and equal opportunities to all employees. It shall not allow any kind of discrimination based on sex, race, colour, language, religion, social origin or any other status.

Health, Safety and Environment

Cellcomm shall ensure healthy and safe working environment for all its employees. Appropriate protective devices shall be provided to workers whenever applicable. Employees shall be adequately trained on health and safety issues including first -aid. Staff accommodation shall be kept clean and safe. Cellcomm shall also ensure minimum environmental impact out of its present and future activities.

Statutory requirements

Cellcomm shall ensure that all statutory requirements with respect to payment of wages, working hours, leave with pay and other employment conditions are complied with.

Employment of Children

Cellcomm shall not employ children below the age of 18 years. During the selection process candidates will be required to produce sufficient documents to prove that they are above 18 years of age.