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System Integration

Telecom Equipment Installation and Commissioning is done to cater to the needs of mobile subscribers. The requirement can be of capacity or quality. Telecom Equipment Installation and Commissioning services should be rendered on a timely basis and in a very cost effective nature. BTS Installation & Commissioning and MW Installation & Commissioning are processes which need expertise. The installation could be an outdoor or indoor requirement.

System Integration includes:

  • Installation of GSM & M/W Antenna system
  • Installation of BTS
  • Installation of Transmission rack
  • Installation of Power Plant
  • Power cable routing
  • Signalling cable routing
  • Battery Bank assembling
  • Powering up the BTS and Transmission racks
  • M/W link alignment.
  • Weatherproofing of all the joints
  • Grounding RF and IF cables
  • Acceptance test as per the guidelines