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Repeaters are used to cover black spots of existing base stations or to extend the coverage at desired areas. Repeaters are easy to deploy and help in faster rollout. Repeaters help the mobile operator to optimize their network coverage area and the quality of service without changing the network parameters. Cellcomm provides Customized site specific repeater solution for indoor and outdoor applications for all wireless technologies (TETRA, CDMA, GSM, DCS,, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX & LTE).

Cellcomm Repeater comes with high quality SAW (surface Acoustic Wave) filters and linear amplifier which amplifies the desired frequency band or bands with superior out of band rejection. Cellcomm produces customized movable and tunable Repeaters for any frequency bandwidth for a single technology or multiple technologies in single/multi-sub bands. Cellcomm repeaters are equipped with user friendly control and monitoring device or software which helps the installation engineer to perform easy installation and configuration. Cellcomm also offers centralized monitoring software which can monitor and control the repeater parameters and alarms in real time and the same can be integrated to the higher end Network Monitoring System (NMS).

    Cellcomm offers broad band repeaters which amplifies the whole frequencies in single or multiple technologies. Broad band repeaters are cost effective compared to band specific repeaters. These broad band repeaters are available in various RF output power suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Key features of these repeaters are manual gain control, auto gain/power control and compact size.

    Pico Home Booster is a low power broad band repeater which is designed to provide coverage in smaller areas (Small Office Home Office). These are very compact devices with Manual Gain Control and Auto Gain Control functions which can help the installation engineer to configure the repeater based on the site conditions. Special optional features include built-in antenna, intelligent mode to protect the equipment from self-oscillation and silent mode to control uplink interference.

    Band selective repeaters are designed to amplify specific frequency band with superior rejection of unwanted frequencies. These are available in single/multi band and multi-sub bands based on customer requirements. Cellcomm has a wide range of fixed, movable, movable and tunable (Flexible) band selective repeaters for various wireless technologies. Band or bandwidth selection can be field tunable based on the site requirement locally or remotely by the help of a control and monitoring device or software.

    Field movable and tunable function of a repeater is an advanced feature to reuse the repeater anywhere regardless of frequency or bandwidth within single/multiple technologies. Band selective repeater supports synthesized frequency hopping. Key features of these repeaters are gain/attenuation setting, RF parameters, alarm parameters which can be controlled and monitored locally and remotely. These kinds of repeaters are available in various RF output powers ranging from 10 dBm to 43 dBm.

    Channel selective repeaters are commonly used in urban or semi urban areas where the selectivity is important to reduce multiple BCCH interference. Cellcomm offers the channel selective repeater with multiple channels which can be tuned based on the site condition by using a control & monitoring interface or via OMT software. The repeaters are available in single technology or multiple technologies with different output power.

    Channel selective repeater is designed with linear amplifier and SAW filter (band width of carrier is based on the technology) for independent channels hence the output power per carrier is much higher compared to the normal band selective repeater.

    Hybrid repeaters are specially designed and featuring the combination of one channel selective modules and one or more band selective modules integrated in the same system. Hybrid repeater permits easy selection of desired BCCH in a tightly spaced RF environment with synthesized hopping.

    Hybrid repeater provides channel selection options for BCCH and band selection option for the TCH band or bands. The channel selection module provides the superior rejection in the unwanted BCCH.

    Key features of this repeater are manual gain control and auto gain control. RF parameter and alarm parameter of the repeater can be controlled or monitored through a control device or thorough OMT software locally and remotely.

    Interference cancellation repeaters are specially designed to cancel the real time multi-path signals using a digital signal process system. These repeaters are able to cancel 30 dB isolation, which allows using them for outdoor coverage solutions where donor and service antenna isolation is very less. Repeaters are available in various output power in single or multiple technologies. key features are manual gain control and auto gain control. RF and Alarm parameters can be controlled or monitored through a control device or thorough OMT software locally and remotely.

    Line amplifier is a bidirectional amplifier which can be used to extend the coverage in IBS where the EiRP is very low. The main application of this product is to extend the BTS or repeater or improve the coverage in huge IBS sites. Line amplifier is simple in design, compact and cost effective solution to integrate new technology in the existing IBS. Cellcomm offers LA in single or multiple technologies in different output power based on the customer requirements.

    Cellcomm has newly introduced a special line amplifier which is suitable for combined in-building solutions for multi-operators. This specially designed MCPA based LA supports multiple carriers without degrading the quality of the signal. MCPA based LA is available in single and multiple technologies.