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River Level Monitoring

Existing infrastructure with customer

  • DWLR
  • Computer with Static IP

Sub Systems

  • iM2M terminal
  • Solar Power System
  • Central Software

Project Details

The solar powered telemetry unit collets river level data at regular intervals and transmits to central server via GPRS. If GPRS is not available or failed, then the data is transmitted via SMS. Central server accepts the GPRS data from remote terminals using http protocol. The SMS messages send from the remote locations are accepted and pushed to the server by an iM2M terminal at central location.
Remote terminal units monitor the following parameters also

  • Door open
  • Charging Voltage
  • Solar system Charging Status


  • Alarm and messages via SMS and Email
  • Remote configuration via GPRS and SMS
  • Query for data via GPRS and SMS
  • Water discharge report

Block Diagram