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Telecom Shelter Monitoring

Client: Leading Telepower Company
Devices: (1) M2M Terminal (2) IO device
Project Details

Telecom shelters in general have (1) battery banks (2) Power Interface/Monitoring Unit or External IO device (3) Diesel Generators (4) Battery banks and (5) various sensors for alarm management.

M2M terminal automats the following activities

  • Collects the following information/data continuously
    • KWH, Voltage and Current details from DC energy meters for calculating the power consumption of individual BTS
    • KWH, Voltage and Current details from EB and DG energy meters for calculating the total power consumption of the Tower
    • Various alarm status from Power Interface/Monitoring Unit or external IO Device using RS 232 port
    • Status of 7 on-board NO/NC inputs and one analog input (0-10 Volt)
  • Analyze the data / status collected from various devices. In the event of an alarm situation, status of all the devices and sensors are transmitted to central server via GPRS and sends alarm SMS to respective mobile groups based on the level of criticality.
  • Calculate EB, DG and battery run hours
  • Sends the data to central server at regular intervals via GPRS / GSM. In case of GSM/GPRS failure data stored in Flash Memory and transmits to server when GSM networks reconnect.
  • Accepts status/configuration queries from authorized mobile groups and reply immediately.
  • Any unauthorized attempt to access the terminal are intimated to the supervisor via SMS
Block Diagram