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Remuneration and Benefits

The company’s remuneration and benefit policies are aimed to support its objective of maintaining long term association with employees. Its remuneration structure is subject to constant review to ensure that it is in line with changes in the industry and also other socio-economic conditions.

The company, in general, follows a performance based reward system. In addition to the Fixed Pay, the CTC of an employee usually has a Variable Pay element in it which shall be paid based on the KPI achievement of the employee.

Promotions and increments are not given as an outcome of periodic reviews; rather they are performance linked and based on continuous evaluations or event triggered.Apart from salary and other statutory benefits such as the PF and ESI, the employee benefit plan of the company also offers the following benefits to all confirmed employees:

  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Gratuity Insurance
  • Leave encashment
  • Medical plan for self and family

The company tries to ensure that the remuneration, benefits and growth opportunities to its good performing employees are maintained above industry standards.