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Outdoor RF Optimization Products

  • TOWER MOUNT BOOSTERS (TMB)Tower mount booster is a bidirectional amplifier to extend the coverage of a BTS. TMB is installed at the tower top and the output power is directly connected to the antenna using a short jumper. High power linear amplifier which amplifies the downlink and the low noise amplifier serves to improve the sensitivity of BTS to balance the link with extended cell coverage in the downlink path. This can help the wireless operator to maximize their existing cell capacity by extending the cell coverage. TMB also can be an ideal solution in the initial rollouts which can decrease the number of BTS to reduce/delay the CAPEX and for faster roll out. In case of a TMB failure, the by-pass function of the TMB helps to bypass the base station signals.

    Cellcomm TMB’s are available with high output power like 20 & 40 Watts in single or dual technologies. The system is designed for outdoor with compact profile which helps the installation much easier. TMB can be controlled locally or remotely by the help of OMT software or centralized OMC software. TMB also has got an external alarm option to integrate with BTS alarms which can be monitored from operator’s OMC.

  • MCPA high Power Booster High Power Booster consists of MCPA in the downlink to extend the BTS coverage and low noise amplifier in the uplink path to balance the link with extended cell coverage. MCPA is specially designed and capable to amplify the multiple numbers of carriers without degrading the network performance. Feed forward technology and pre-distortions circuit provide highly linear output which can achieve -65 to-70dBc IMD. IMD suppression is most important when it comes to multiple carriers and high output power.

    MCPA has a built-in bypass circuit which in the event of any fault in the equipment triggers the bypass function without affecting the existing cell coverage. MCPA can be controlled and monitored locally and remotely through control software. MCPA also has an external alarm option to integrate with BTS alarms which can be monitored from operator’s OMC. MCPA’s are available in tower top and tower bottom model based on the application, output power, number of technologies and number of sectors.

    • 2/3 SECTOR MCPA
    • LTE
    Tower mount Amplifier is a directional amplifier to extend the uplink coverage of BTS. The unit is installed near the antenna at the tower top to improve the receiving sensitivity of the base station. The usage of TMA will help to improve the call success, drop call rates, call quality and extended handset battery life. TMA is designed to be installed in outdoor towers, walls or poles close to the antenna. By-pass circuit will be activated when DC power supply is switched off or when there is a fault in the system.