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iM2M Terminals

iM2M terminal is a generic name used for the Machine 2 Machine communication devices manufactured by Cellcomm. Cellcomm has a variety of iM2M products to suit your application requirements.

Salient Features

External interfaces

  • Communication interfaces : RS 232, RS 485(2-wire), Ethernet

    1. Interface to external devices
    2. Support protocol Modbus RTU,TCP/IP , ASCII and any proprietary protocol
    3. Support Modbus master as well as slave protocol
    4. USB 2.0 full speed
  • Digital I/Os

    1. Potential free Digital input ports (ON/OFF)
    2. Open collector Digital output ports
  • Analog I/Ps

    1. support voltage (0-2/10V) or current (4-20ma)


Data Communication

iM2M terminal support quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. You have the choice for data communication via SMS and/or GPRS/EDGE. Data communication is secured by authorization and acknowledgement/handshaking.


Internet Application Layer protocols

iM2M terminal supports Socket, HTTP ,SMTP and FTP protocols to communicate data over GPRS to remote computers.


Data Storage

In the eventuality of communication failure, iM2M stores the data in its flash memory of 1.7MB and transmits when the network restores. This feature avoids any kind of data loss and is also useful in remote data logging.


Automatic Restoration of GSM Network

In the case of network non availability or failures at any point of time, iM2M terminal keeps searching for the network availability and restores the network whenever it becomes available. This feature helps to avoid site visits for rebooting the GSM device to restore the GSM network.


Over the Air Updation

All functions of iM2M terminal are controlled by the embedded software. Any change in the embedded software, due to a change request from the user or a logic change in data capturing/analyzing, alarm handling etc. can be incorporated in the remote iM2M Over The Air over GPRS without any human interface.


Configuration via PC Software

The routine activities of iM2M are based on certain parameters configured in the iM2M like Site ID, Data Transmission Interval, Access Point Name of the GSM Operator, Modbus Register details, Mobile numbers authorized to communicate, etc. These parameters are configurable by the user using the PC software provided with the iM2M.


Remote Configuration

iM2M parameters can be modified via SMS/Gprs by Authorized users. For example, the data communication interval configured in the iM2M can be changed by sending an SMS from an authorized mobile.


Instantaneous Data

Authorized mobile users can query the communication status, network strength, latest status of end devices connected, etc via SMS. Unauthorized attempts to access the iM2M terminal will be rejected and such attempts will be intimated to supervisory mobile numbers (optional).


Data Security

Data communication is secured by authorization and acknowledgement/handshaking. It is possible to encrypt while transferring.


customized embedded software

All functions of iM2M terminal are controlled by the embedded software. This software can be customized to suit the exact application requirement of the customer.

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