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Right place for performers

The Company believes that its overall performance depends mainly on the dedicated and sincere efforts of employees at all levels. It realizes the need to recognize the contribution each employee towards achievement of the organizational goals. The Company follows a dynamic and continuous performance evaluation and a reward system based on performance.

The Performance Management of the Company consists of:

  • Linking the individual tasks of an employee with the departmental and organisational goals (achieved through Task Oriented Management (ToM))
  • Evaluation of the performance of each Employee using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Implementing a reward system based on performance ( Performance linked Variable Pay, increment, promotion, award and other recognitions)

Performance Linked Variable Pay

The remuneration of employees, in general, contains a Variable Pay which is performance linked. The variable pay shall be decided based on the achievement of the KPI by the employee. High performers will have the potential to earn their Variable Pay in full and in exceptional cases it may exceed 100%.

Increment and Promotion

Increment and promotion are mainly based on the performance and attitude of the employees. The Company resorts to continuous evaluations and event triggered approach in deciding increments and promotions as opposed to the conventional periodical approach.

Awards and Recognitions

The Company has implemented certain awards and promotion schemes (such as “Gem of Cellcomm”, ‘Protsahan” etc) in recognition of outstanding performance by employees:

Gem of Cellcomm – Any event of outstanding performance or exceptional quality demonstrated by an Employee will be considered for this award. Significant contribution by an Employee enabling the Company to meet its deadline, efforts by an Employee that earns special appreciation from the customer, efforts in securing a new order, praiseworthy action in a crisis situation, commendable social work etc. are some examples of such events to be considered for the Gem of Cellcomm award. The award winner, in addition to an appreciation letter will also receive appropriate recognition in the form of a cash award or increment or similar to be decided by the award committee on a case to case basis.

Protsahan – This is a promotion scheme to encourage high performers. Employees who consistently perform well and display competence to handle higher positions are promoted and encouraged to take up wider responsibilities. The scheme also offers priorities and growth opportunities to existing Employees wherever possible, before seeking candidates from external sources, as and when new vacancies arise.