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Fiber Optic Repeater

Fiber optic repeater consist of a master unit and remote unit, master unit receives the RF signal from BTS and the Down link frequency converts to optic signal and transmitted to the remote unit through fiber cable, the remote unit receives the optic signal and converts back to the original RF signal after amplification and transfers in to the service antenna. The principle is similar with uplink path also. One master can connected to 4 remote units and the 10 dBo link budget allows the maximum distance between master and remote units up to 20 KM.

The difference between fiber optic repeater and wireless repeater is that the latter transmits the signal through space while the former transmits signal through fiber optic cables. The fiber optic repeater has not required of isolation (donor & service) and it is convenient to choose the location.

FOR is designed for both outdoor and indoor applications and the best suitable applications are for extending the coverage in huge building (IBS), highways, tunnels and remote villages. FOR can be customized for single technologies and multiple technologies.