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Feeder and Connectors

The connectivity from the transmitter to antenna is through RF feeders and connectors, which is essential for radio communication. Design and quality is important in terms of minimum losses, flexibility and types of dielectric material. Cellcomm provides different types of RF feeders which can be used based on the application and frequencies.

    Cellcomm offers high quality RF braided coaxial cable suitable for coverage enhancement projects with low power repeater solution projects and low frequency applications. There are many types of braided types available based on the design, flexibility and the frequency requirement.

    RG 213, LMR -400, RG -11, RG-58, HDF 400

    Cellcomm’s low loss corrugated cables are used in RF applications mainly in Distributed antenna system. Corrugated cables are with minimum insertion loss and can be handled easily with the recommended bending radius. There are different types of cable based on the loss, flexibility and dielectric material. Cable jackets can be customized based on the application as Flame retardant, Fire retardant or Low Smoke zero halogen types.

    ½” corrugated cable, 7/8”corrugated cable.1- ¼ “corrugated cable. 1-5/8” corrugated cable

    Leaky or self-radiating cables are specially constructed in such a way that the feeder itself can radiate the signals and the self-radiating patterns change based on the size of the cable. The most ideal application for these types of cable are long distance tunnel coverage, lift coverage, deep mines or digging wells etc…

    ½” corrugated cable, 7/8”corrugated cable.1- ¼ “corrugated cable. 1-5/8” corrugated cable