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Data Logger

Data Logger

CSL 8201 is Cellcomm’s general purpose datalogger with features and interfaces suitable for any datalogging applications. It can be used for stand-alone applications or for GSM/GPRS/Web based data acquisition applications.

  • SD Card interface
  • USB Port
  • LAN interface
  • Built-in GSM modem for GPRS communication
  • Built –in GPS receiver
  • 4Line information display
  • User friendly keypad interface
  • 3 RS232 ports
  • 4Ports RS232 expansion card (optional)
  • 1 RS485 Port
  • CAN interface
  • SDI12 interface with switchable sensor power
  • 4Digital outputs
  • 20Channels analog inputs
  • 16Channels digital inputs
  • Quadrature inputs for rotary encoders
  • Firmware upgrade using USB drive
  • Data copy to USB drive