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CSL4101 – Serial to Ethernet

CSL1401 installation requires Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support.CSL4101 interfaces any serial (RS-232/485) devices to an Ethernet device for access control or remote control and monitoring purposes.

CSL4201 – RS 232 TO RS485

CSL4201 allows interfacing any device using with a RS232 serial link with a RS485 link. The RS485 link was conceived for long haul data acquisition and control applications.

RS485 links are much used in industrial process control where reliability is important. Also, the ability to communicate over a long distance at a high speed is important when it comes to industrial applications where the stations are spread over a large area.

CSL4202 –USB TO RS485

CSL4202 is a plug and Play device. It can be directly connected to the USB port of the computer.

CSL4401 – RS 232 to SDI-12

CSL4401 is a RS-232 to SDI-12 gateway (interface) module. CSL4401 allows a programmable logic controller (PLC), remote terminal unit (RTU) or other data collection device with a RS-232 interface to access SDI-12 sensors/clients.

CSL4301 –Serial to WI-FI

CSL4301 allows connecting a serial RS232 device to any secure or open wireless network or access point.